Why create a Foundation ?

“Only through knowledge can reason overcome” Denis Diderot.

Born from the initiative of the University, the Paris Diderot Foundation is a space for dialogue between the academic and socio-economic worlds. Through its actions, it brings together academics, students, companies, associations, communities, and citizens around the shared vision of a progressive society open to diffusion and interconnection of all knowledge.


To build and animate these new spaces of dialogue, the Paris Diderot Foundation has two main tasks.

  • Stimulate, encourage and support interdisciplinary and multi-partners projects enrolled in five directions : 
    • Women, men and equality
    • Environment and new energies
    • Internationalization
    • Health and liability
    • Knowledge and culture for all
  • Bring academic and socio-economic leader together to facilitate dialog on these topics.

Three approaches

  • Collect donations and ensure accountability.
  • Support projects : monitoring and measuring impact.
  • Provide advisory support to the academic community of Paris Diderot and to finance projects by sponsors or the establishment.